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Return to the Run

Taking time away from the sport weakens your mind and body no matter how you spin it, and no matter how fit you remain – or get during cross training (DUH! Cuz we all love cross training!)– resuming running is hard work.

It’s hard physically for obvious reasons. Even if your injury is healed your muscles aren’t as tough as they were. Neither are your joints, so though they’re fine they scream about the impact while conforming to the fact that YOU.WILL.RUN. Your heart rate will soar to new heights even if the work doesn’t feel that hard. Every muscle, right up to your teeth, will feel tired post run.

Your mind will think that everything is unreasonable. However fast you were 2 months ago? Yeah, impossibly ridiculously fast. When you do eventually try to run at that pace you once were your mind will tell your legs GO-OMFG-BALLS-TO-THE-WALL-FAST-GO-DYING-HURRY-HURRY-FASTER.  You’ll test it by riding a more comfortable (pace) line, which will be discouraging because you probably won’t hold on long enough to build back the confidence you need to do it right.

Every time I get injured I learn something new about the sport of running. This time it’s that fitness is vital, but your mind is what will make or break your return to running. In the running moment the challenge feels 100% physical while you sweat, pant, and burn. But it’s only a physical challenge for a short time. Your body adjusts to that pain once your mind forces it to (gradually, within reason).

Every single time you can just hold on that next run is an improvement. Re-proving and reminding yourself that you have it in you is just as important as keeping your legs strong and heart healthy.  In reality a large amount of focus, some pushing through it, and forcing yourself to ride that line of barely holding on will do it. And you’ll be well on your way back to where you were.

Self, please remember this. That’s all.


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Product Review: ProStretch Plus Magic

Since last April I’ve struggled with lots of injuries, including the evil plantar fasciitis. Anyone who has ever had it can attest to its very evil nature, and if you ask me I’ll do that plus go on and on and on and on about it. So actually you may not want to do that, ever.

When I took some time off from running – which is actually when I found triathlon so thanks I guess you evil evil injury – and spent my time in the pool and on the bike it went away. But the moment I started running again pain came back and the PF continued to rear its ugly head in one way or another. Sometimes it was heel soreness, sometimes the top of my foot hurt, sometimes the underside along the edge, sometimes it was nighttime calf cramps so bad that I’d be sore for days. It never reached an unmanageable point, I’d just ice and stretch and things would resolve themselves until the nagging pain relocated and sprouted up somewhere new. Rinse and repeat, again and again.

Fast forward to October and November and nothing had gotten better but nothing had gotten worse. But I was feeling sort of nervous because of the half marathon, and even more so because I’m supposed to start January at 100% healthy, motivated, and ready to rock. I’d been insanely responsible about stretching, had weaseled myself into receiving a nightly massage and luckily was noticing progress with the combination, but I still had that nagging feeling that things could be better. But it wasn’t nagging enough to stop running, and so I ran.

I had read about the ProStretch Plus in a few tri magazine ads and it just so happened that during one of my more frustrating nights (Will I ever not be in pain? EVER?!?) they were posted as an upcoming sponsor of #runchat. I visited the website, understood the theory, and ordered one to be rush delivered. And since that wonderful magnificent day that it was delivered I have used it twice per day, and have been in no plantar fasciitis pain. Literally, zero pain. After just one time! And as the cherry on top of my pain-free sundae my arthritis has started to subside substantially, to the point that I’m forgetting to take my celebrex and it’s still getting better and better!

If you ever have any PF/foot/calf/toe/leg/etc pain, EVER, please do yourself a favor and go buy one of these. Love it, cuddle it, and use it twice a day and your feet will love you back!

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