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Friday Cry Day – For Daily Sweat

This installment of Friday Cry Day is for Daily Sweat, who I have officially now met in person!

We went swimming this morning. It was horrendously cold. I let the coldness take over at the start and my lungs are still frozen. 😦 But Megan was super tough, shrugged off the coldness, and made a new friend (in addition to me)!

Introducing, Daily Sweat’s new friend:



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Race Envy

It seems that nearly every single person in my RSS and twitter feeds raced this weekend in one form or another. And, following on the amazing heels of the Eugene Marathon (where everyone on this earth PR’d) it seems like most everyone had a pretty darn successful time at it. From Vancouver to Bloomsday to Wildflower to St. George to St. Croix to Rev 3 my feeds are blowing up with congratulatory messages, PR celebrations, and race lessons learned.

Congratulations, Internet friends! Hope you’re celebrating your successes like I celebrated my long ride yesterday. In style. With a beer in the shower.

My love for racing admittedly wanes. I love training hard and on a deadline for a big event, and I can’t help but pour every ounce of myself into it. But when it comes down to race day I have a tendency to feel impartial. At that point the hard work is over, and that makes me anxious. That thing I worked diligently for is almost over, and what if the result doesn’t reflect the heart, soul, and sweat I poured in? Cue nerves. Cue impartial attitude.

But there’s nothing like not being able to race to make you want it, and BAD. In the past month or so I’ve convinced myself that racing is the best thing out there and I cannot wait to feel the adrenaline and leave everything I have out on the course.

With Ironman Canada being at the end of the summer there are a lot of perks – more sunlight for training, more dry riding, and more time for the currently freezing lakes to warm – but the downside is that I’m on a schedule for the next 3 months and I can’t afford to drop a training session for a fun run or local triathlon. I don’t want to exhaust myself, or worse, get injured. And I need to make sure I get in the hours and miles that my training plan says which most races aren’t conducive to.

So until my season is over I will be living vicariously through all of my Internet friends’ chalk full racing schedules of excitement. So please, keep tweeting and blogging and sharing your fantastic results. I’ll track you and cheer you on, and hopefully your inspiring stories keep me amped up for what’s next on my schedule, too.



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