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Good Morning

From the lake this morning. It’s finally summer.


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So far one of my favorite parts of training is the brief exchange with other athletes during mornings at the lake. There’s something about being one of the crazy few, someone who plunges themselves into cold dark water before most people are even out of bed, let alone drinking their first cup of coffee. Everyone just assumes you’re hardcore, and I guess even without being the fastest you’re hardcore for working that hard and sacrificing sleep to be faster.

It’s a similarly solitary feeling to spending winter mornings running in Seattle, but for some reason runners don’t bond over sideways rain and mudsoaked shoes the same way swimmers do over choppy chilliness. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that we all look like aquatic aliens out there in sausage casings and neon-colored caps. How can you not smile and wave at someone with an equally ridiculous outfit to your own?

As an aside, this morning someone asked me what I’m training for. For the first time I felt like I deserved to say IMC 2012.

As another aside, I need to find a better key hiding spot at the park. This weekend a lady “hid” my shoes because she was worried that someone had lost their shoes and keys, or so she said. WTF.

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