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1200’s, be afraid

Tonight’s track session was not the best ever. I averaged a 4:57 per 1200; 4:50 should have been easy and on a good night I would have come in under that target for each split. I may not have been that off time-wise, but I feel very off physically.

I didn’t have it in my body to push any harder. My lungs were burning and my legs hurt, but honestly they weren’t even all that done for. They just also didn’t have anything left to give. It feels like my body is accustomed to going and going and going some more, and always comes up with the energy to put one foot in front of the other, one more time, again and again. Tonight it was storing that energy and wouldn’t trade it in, because for whatever reason going fast wasn’t worth the cost and the risk.

Body! Get with the program! Fast is good!

On my warm up I was running in the dark along Green Lake thinking about how hungry I am to race. I was feeling glad that I signed up for the Seattle Half and inspired to give the next few weeks my all and race the course and other runners. Thinking about it all I felt really hungry for the challenge, and I started to think about ways to keep reaching for the next few weeks. Things to focus on to call up that feeling in case I forget.

Well, now I know I’ll stay hungry for at least one more week. 1200’s, we’ll meet again. And hopefully soon. Be afraid.


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