The Race That Started this Blog

As soon as I had my heart set on Ironman I also knew I wanted to do something else – start a blog. I have been so inspired while reading the journeys that others have endured to achieve their goals. I don’t expect to inspire anyone here but more than anything I want to document the all of the details and feelings on the way to achieving my own goals.

Ironman Canada in 2011 was an amazing and wonderful day, one that words can’t do justice. And the journey to get there was, dare I say, so much better than that one single day.

Ironman Week and Race Morning

About how I did hardly anything leading up to the race, and it was awesome. Except when I thought I had kidney stones again.

Swim and T1

About how I finally had a good swim in a race, and how I think that I should medal in transitions.

Bike and T2

About how my bike was pretty strong and fun and everything I wanted it to be, until my stomach started hurting.

Run and Post Race

About how I ran until my stomach no longer hurt, and the only leg I didn’t cry on.


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